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SAGE Project Manager

SAGE Project Manager - software product, designed for designers and managers project groups, providing easy and flexible management bycreating project documentation.

SAGE Project Manager provides:

  • visual organization documents projects in view tree hierarchical structure;
  • unlimited degree nesting hierarchical structure;
  • move ofany element hierarchy bydragging withthemouse;
  • embedding in files workers drawings any attributive information (name object, name organizations&Customer#32 and Contractor, names sections documentation, and t.e.) ina hierarchically organized form;
  • creatingthe framework base withasimple choiceof elements from templates;
  • automationofthe process ofcreating documents from template;
  • automation control configurations print documents;
  • thepossibilityof editing templates with aim implementation any additional functions;
  • adding toany new custom attributes, - enough tocomeupwith for ofthem name;
  • automatic inclusionof in drawings ofvarious tables ("Sheet workers drawings ofthemain set", "Statement reference and oftheattached documents", "Explication premises", and etc.). Content ofany table can automatically begenerated or link from any not changing data with adding data, generated accordingto given algorithms;
  • opportunity toimplement global search and replace by toall documents projects;
  • free change order follow sheets projects, with follow automatic bynumbering sheets and generating updated tables "Bulletin workers drawings main sets";
  • copying##10 ofany elements structure with preserving hierarchical subordination elements.

Window applications SAGE Project Manager

SAGE Specification Maker

SAGE Specification Maker - software product for generation specification in format AutoCAD .dwg from table Excel, with automatic formatting and bysplitting into sheets.

Window applications SAGE Specification Maker

SAGE Cable Tool

SAGE Cable Tool - software product for automation counting lengths cable routes on basis drawings. When counting , lengths primitives "LINE", "POLYLINE" aretakenintoaccountand "3D POLYLINE".

Window applications SAGE Cable Tool

In case flaw in set base implemented functionsin volume or other software product, allowed implementationof software product with additional specific functions on basis TECHNICAL TASKS developedby and voiced bytheCustomer.






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