Caching proxy for operatingsystem system A2


First testing on real hardware :-)


  • Motherboard: PC Partner BXBS3-C930 onthe chipset Intel 440BX;
  • CPU: Intel Celeron 433 MHz, launched at real frequency (83 x 6.5 = 540 MHz);
  • RAM: 2 x 64 Mb PC-100;
  • HDD: 3 Gb Samsung SV0322A;
  • Video: Trident 3D Image 9850 AGP 2x 4 Mb;
  • LAN: 2 x RTL8139 10/100 Mbps PCI;
  • Modem: TJ 700x DOCSIS Terayon Cable Modem, connected to RJ45 port ofone from network controllers;
  • Bluebottle build 11/28/06.

Here like this isall looks :-)

System with running proxyserver Screenshot ofthe with running TCP Tracker


All settings areimplemented inthe file AosConfig.XML.

First thing I setup automatic mount FAT (Bluebottle can work with any FAT sections: FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32. C NTFS partitions Bluebottle while doesn’t work) sections areenough sizes for storage cache, different logs and service files:

... ...

Inthe mine case section IDE0#2. In your can be different. View all sections canbe byrunning utility Partitions fromthe menu Files

Next, for facilitate subsequent remote access to partitions drives, we’llstart FTP accounts and automatically start FTP service. Accounts needto# create one times, corresponding teams can add to file configuration in quality comments. Full access to section AOS will have user AOS with password AOSpass, and to section FAT user FAT with password FATpass. Passwords and logins ofcourse canset##32any#, and ingeneral dispensewith without FTP access. All is at isyour discretion. With needs ,youcanrun##32 and VNC service (youcansee##32 for ofthis with content WMVNCView.Mod).

... ...

Launchingthe proxyserver:

... ...

Configuring network. System in process download automatically assign tonetwork adapters descriptors oftype "device#No.". My two network cards got names "RTL8139#0" and "RTL8139#1". Experienced way wasinstalled , that number 0 received card worth in PCI slot closer to processor, a number 1 ta card, which costs away. In port cards 0 Istuck stuck patchcord, going to mine home local network, a in port cards 1 patchcord, going tothe cable modem. Networkconfiguration inmy case case:


Target projects

Purpose oftheproject - creationof full-fledged cacheguide&#proxy32 functionsfirewall functioninginthemedium OSBluebottle.

Testing inWinAos

Thelaidout module - isstill avery raw version. Topics not less, it work already can betested. For this canbeused , forexample, distribution WinAos [1].

For tofunctioncorrectly , WinAos preferably run under Windows 2000 or XP. For support towork withthe network ,youmust have inthe system driver protocol IPv6. In XP it isalready present and network WinAos "see" rightaway and in 2000 itneedstobeinstalled , independently from having any servicepacks including SP4... Instructions on installation drivers for ofeach specific servicepack given onthe site WinAos inthe changelog on 12/23/2005 [1].

On any from drives systems youneedtocreate folder, forexample "C:\Proxy", where proxyserver will put files in process work.

Now isenoughfor tocompile module in environment WinAos and run it with parameters:

CacheProxy.Start \c:C:/Proxy/cache/ \l:C:/Proxy/Proxy.Log \f:C:/Proxy/URIFilter.txt~


"\c:" - parameter, indicating path to folder cachelocation .

"\l:" - parameter, indicating full path&##32tothe logfile.

"\f:" - parameter, indicating full path tothe file withthe listof domains, access which needstoblock .

After startingup server youcan start TCPtracker in sectionofthe menu Inspect. Inthe tracker wemust#&32see theonly process in state Listen - is and is isour proxyserver. Next, specify inthe settings ofthebrowser usingthe proxyserver with address localhost or and port 3128.

Now affairs size windows browser such so was visible window TCPtracker, go in browser to any address, and wesee inthe window oftheTCPtracker several appearing and missing connections.

After fermenting onthe network youcan see on thecontentsofthe folder "C:\Proxy\cache\".








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