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If you have any questions, creative ideas or suggestions, welcome to the A2 Operating System & Active Oberon community in Telegram.



Brief information about MicroA2 project added. MicroA2 assembly, including 7 demonstration applications is available for download!


Utility for finding country by IP-address now reads CSV base 4.2 times faster!


Small console utility for finding country by IP-address added to utilities section.


Adaptive antialiasing + multithreading + SSE optimization


Site engine completely rewritten in Object Pascal language, using JSON technology and the template engine with Smarty-like syntax.

All this was destined to happen after I came across the CodeTyphon development environment not only with reported, but, as well actually working cross-compile functionality, available in a few mouse clicks and under any conceivable platform. I recommend!

The only third-party component used for development - is DVD Chief Template Engine. This is perhaps the only one, very good-quality implementation of the template engine with Smarty-like syntax for Delphi / Free Pascal!

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